Thursday, 24 September 2009

Back home post op

Well... it's done. I had my tummy tuck on Monday and 3 days later I am home! I am sore and tender and swollen but I have no regrets! I have a new belly button and a flat tummy. The overhang left from 8 and a half stone weight loss is gone and it feels great x

At the moment it is too soon to tell how I will look as I am still swollen around my abdomen but it sure as hell won't look worse than it did.

Gotta look ahead now and get well.
Will keep you posted on recovery!
C x


  1. I look forward to hearing more, I'm sorely tempted to ask my GP - how has your weight changed from having the surgery?

  2. hey Bryer.

    I lost 8 lb so far, still got a bit of swelling so that should drop more. I'm sure you would qualify for having it done on NHS you've done soooo well!

  3. That's good! I've been planning to lose weight since I gave birth to my second child. I wouldn't want to give birth anymore, so I considered labiaplasty two years ago. I'm glad that my husband's been really supportive. We'll be moving to California so I think I can focus more on my workout there. Do you have new updates? It's been a while.