Monday, 22 June 2009

Half a stone to go!

With half a stone to go I have my appointment to see the plastics dept at the hospital to see if they will do my Tummy tuck. This is what I'm going to show the consultant xx


  1. You look SO fantastic! Is the tummy tuck private or NHS? Have you got much of a tummy issue following your weightloss? How much have you lost in total? Sorry, so many questions but I'm really interested!

  2. Hi Bryher!
    I Am currently 112lbs down and 7 to go. My tummy is horrific! and yes I got accepted to have it done on NHS yesterday! SO SO THRILLED!

  3. Hi hun, would you be willing to share your email add? I'd really like a chat if that was ok. Mine is if you would be willign to email me. I'm 104.5 down (none to go) and have issues! Bryher